Tuesday, 10 February 2015

Abbijo: Sephora Haul in Madrid

In England we don’t actually have a Sephora shop, we can only order from the US site and even that does not mean that you can get everything, for instance, I believe that you cannot order Hourglass from the website.

I had not even thought about shopping in Sephora until I came out of Sol metro station and saw the shop staring at me; I knew then that I was going to spend a lot that day.

I would have really liked to have bought some Sephora own products and tested them out but it was all a bit difficult since my Spanish is practically non-existent. I walked round for a while and gave one of my friends a ring to see if she wanted anything while I was in Spain.

I was eventually approached by a beautiful woman who opened her mouth and streamed out a such quick Spanish that I could not even get the gist of what she was saying.

I looked at her awkwardly and said in my most apologetic tone ‘Habla usted ingles?’ (do you speak English). She beamed at me and said ‘Yes!’ and her English was amazing, the best I have come across in shops in Spain so far. She told me about how she works for Chanel mainly butsince it’s the same company she does Bourjois as well. I think she enjoyed using her English with me because I feel like I got a lot of attention from her when other people were just wondering around looking lost.
I ended up buying a lot of Bourjois products, they aren’t expensive and I don’t have any so I thought I might as well try them out. My only problem with it was that I had had a long day and so my makeup was dishevelled by this point and so she wanted me to have some things that I already have, but just hadn’t used that morning such as primers and better mascaras. I caved and bought the primer because she was just too nice.

Rouge Edition Velvet in 03 Hot Pepper & 06 Pink Pong (Matte finish red and pink liquid lipsticks) I am already in love with these so so much
Rouge Edition in 02 Beige Trench (Nude lipstick) Quite a nice neutral for my lips, which I didn’t already have
Shine Edition in 38 Sunset Peach (Peachy shiny lipstick) Peach colours go well with my skin so you can never have to many, especially coming into spring time
Flower Perfection (Translucent smoothing primer) Just because the lady was super lovely
Healthy Mix Serum in 53 Light Beige (Gel foundation) She put it on me, I thought it looked nice, smelt amazing and I don’t have a day time foundation
Healthy Mix in 1 Light Radiance (Concealer) Went well with the foundation
123 Perfect CC Eye Cream (Eye Concealer) Love a CC cream so any chance to try a new one
Effect Smoky in 71 Smoked Brown (Eyeliner) Needed a new brown eyeliner
Cotour Clubbing Waterproof in 49 Crazy about Brown (Eyeliner) Beautiful colour
Sourcil Precision in 07 Noisette (Eyebrow pencil) Nice match

Out of all these Bourjois products that I bought I absolutely love the Rouge Edition Velvet liquid lipsticks, they have such a great staying power and really don’t show the crack in your lips too badly (great for me as I have chronically dry lips). I cannot stop raving about these lipsticks! Pink Pong is a one coat only colour but the Hot Pepper shade needs a couple of coats otherwise it comes out as more of an orange colour, which is actually quite nice too (2 colours for the price of 1!).

 I think the foundation may actually be a little bit dark for me and I was a tad self-conscious the first day I wore it, however when I saw myself in a mirror again it looked fine and hadn’t moved so I relaxed more towards it. And my other favourite product is the Contour Clubbing Waterproof eyeliner; its colour is simply stunning. For the waterproof eyeliner and the velvet edition I think an oil based makeup remover is best because the water based one I have with me in Madrid struggles a little to get these products off (but not too much).

I also bought some more high end makeup and beauty products that I was replacing or had just wanted for a while.

Nars Orgasm Illuminator, the lady did not want to sell to me, probably because I am so fair and this is quite a dark highlighter, but I find that when used lightly even on my skin tone this is a beautiful product.
Too Faced Chocolate Bar eye shadow palette, which I have wanted for a long time, and even though the colours are nudes they are totally different from any of my Naked by Urban Decay Palettes. Plus is smells divine since they use cocoa powder in their products!
Benefit Moisture Prep, fantastic product that I was replacing.
Benefit Boo Boo Zap, I forgot this product and have started to break out due to the lack of sleep I am getting here in Madrid (literally working until midnight and then getting up at six!) so it was an essential repurchase.

So that concludes my first shopping experience in Sephora, I also bought a couple of lip products here that I am going to share in another post because lip treatments are such a major thing to me I think someone else must have as big a problem as I do that those posts are best on their own.



Sunday, 1 February 2015

Abbijo: in Madrid

I arrived in Madrd, Spain on Friday and it is now Sunday so I have been here for a whole weekend and done as much touristy things that my feet would allow. I have already fallen for this beautiful city and all it has to offer from museum to food to the ease of getting around! I have so far visited the Museo Arqueologico Nacional (National Archaeology Museum), Museo Nacional Centro de Arte Reina Sophia (Central National Art Museum of Queen Sophia), Parque del Retiro and the Temple Debod. I walked to all these places from where I am living for this month so it has been a very tiring few days, but definitely worth it.

I just thought I would post some pictures of my trip so far since it will probably be the most interesting of the whole time that I am here!

It is 9.36pm Madrid time and I have class tomorrow so I need to get some beauty sleep before I roll into school tomorrow. 


Wednesday, 28 January 2015

Abbijo: Where have I been?

Ok so I spoke about how I haven’t blogged in months because I’m sorting my life out and so I just thought I would write about what is going on with me now.

So my sister got engaged and I don’t think I had actually mentioned that yet, but she did. She has now had both of her engagement parties and is nearly completed in planning and organising her wedding.
Cocktails at my the family engagement party :)

 She is getting married in May in Venice, I’m super excited for the wedding and she has asked me, in all her wisdom, do her makeup for the wedding which means we will actually shortly be attending a class just so she is fully confident in my doing the makeup for her! On a side note, they asked us to bring all of our makeup with us to the class so that they could teach us using products we already have and therefore we can recreate the looks they show us exactly, in theory this is a really good idea but like many things in practise I’m not sure how this is going to work. I have a lot of makeup and this class is in London, which means that I’m going to have to take a suitcase just for my makeup and that means I won’t have much space for my clothes for the visit. Maybe the class is meant for people who aren’t like…well…me!

The next thing that happened to me I guess was my Graduation. On July 18th, exactly one month before I turned 21, I graduated with honours from Bristol. This was possibly one of the happiest moments of my life as I had been through a lot in my second and third year and it had got to the point where I was unsure on whether graduation was on the cards for me, however someone was looking out for me somewhere and I managed to graduate!

Then came the summer and I decided that I would mostly have the summer off from everything and just relax, however in the summer was my 21st birthday and I had a brilliant time, going out for cocktails with my girlfriends, having a big family dinner and going clubbing with a group of friends later on. Not to mention my brand new Ted Baker suitcase and Michael Kors bag! I pretty much have the bag where ever I go and if I travel anywhere my new suitcase comes with me because it is just so beautiful.

September hit and I just didn’t feel like working anymore, I was applying to courses but half-heartedly and I just wanted to continue doing nothing but traveling back to Bristol to see my university friends and hanging around with my other friends back home. It seemed like the perfect life. However my mum got to me eventually like they do tend to and I decided to apply to a course locally in Chester that would hopefully lead me to my goal of Hong Kong. Funny story the Chester School of English Language is not in Chester, UK but in Madrid, Spain. So, yeah, I’m off to Spain for a month in February with little to no Spanish language skills. Here’s hoping I’ll be so bogged down with work that I won’t be able to get myself into any trouble while I’m over there.
My Christmas was fantastic and New Year was decent too, but I haven’t done much since then apart from plan for my trip to Madrid. 

So that pretty much sums up my life since when I stopped blogging.

I hope you enjoy reading a whirlwind description of the past months of my life.


Abbijo: A review on Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water

So it has literally been months since I last blogged but I have been in the process of getting my life post university in order and that has been intense. I have graduated and got myself set up on a course in Madrid which will eventually enable me to move to Hong Kong (hopefully). However recently I came across a product that I fell in love with so much I just had to write about it.

I was in Boots a couple of weeks ago and for a while had been considering buying a cleanser that I could leave at my boyfriend’s house since I stay there sometimes. I have a moisturiser there and I like to keep up a skin care regime as much as possible. When I’m home I tend to use either the Sulwhasoo Gentle Cleansing Oil or the Guerlain Secret de Purete Cleansing Milk and I really love them, in the mornings I wake up and feel my skin looks beautiful, however they are both cleansers that you take off with water and my boyfriend lives on the floor above his bathroom making it inconvenient to head down when we are going to bed. So I decided I wanted a cleansing water that I wouldn’t need to wash off afterwards. I had heard Garniers Micellar Cleansing Water so I grabbed it when I was in Boots and bought it without much research.

Picture taken from Feel Unique

The first time I used it I liked the feel of it on my skin and it did a good job on removing the dirt. I was impressed because it is so cheap (I paid £4.99 but now it is on sale for £3.33) in comparison with the products I usually use on my face. It is very light and refreshing and perfect if you want a quick easy cleanse, or if you are new to skin care regimes. A couple of nights later I decided to use it to take off my make-up too, but I was very sceptical. On a normal day I would use Lancome Bi-Facil to remove any eye make-up, this retails at £15.75 for 100ml in comparison with the 400ml of Garnier Water.

I put a little more of the water on a cotton pad then I normally would with Lancome, however it took my face make-up off easily and my eye make-up wasn’t a problem either. I didn’t find myself rubbing my eyes as many times to get the mascara off which is always a positive note. And to add to that the Micellar Water is both dermatologically and ophthalmologically (to do with the diseases of eyes etc) tested. I just don’t think it could get any better.

But it does! It is a natural product that is fragrance free and hypoallergenic…

In case you’re wondering what micellar water actually is I shall try to explain now, however I am not a scientist so my knowledge is not flawless. So the solutions of micellar water contains a molecule called micelles which are a type of lipid that form themselves into a spherical shape which is perfect for trapping dirt and removing makeup from the face. Thus they have become very popular in make-up removers and cleansers.

While I can realistically only speak for myself and how I find this product, I do believe that it works and is worth trying out for yourself, at £4.99 you can’t afford not to! For me I am thoroughly impressed with this product and will definitely be continuing my use of it, I may even test other brands micellar water products to see if they offer the same results as the Garnier one.


Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Abbijo: Religion in the public eye

Pre-warning this is a bit of a rant because a friend of mine really annoyed me tonight...

So I was talking to someone about marriage and I mentioned that I want a traditional wedding and for it to be in church, and their reaction was that they don't believe in weddings or marriage because it is pointless and you don't need to waste the money on a big party for everyone else to get drunk. While I really don't agree with this, I do think that everyone is entitled to their own opinions so I'm not going to try and force my views and opinions on to them.

However after talking about weddings my friend kind of was talking about churches too and I said I wanted my wedding in a church because I'm a Christian and I personally would like my wedding to take place there because I see marriage as a part of my religion. And while he said he understood that, he started talking about what makes a church holy and what make a priest special and more holy than anyone else and basically got really disrespectful about Christianity as a whole. I took it quite personally because I felt like him attacking Christianity was like him attacking me in a way because it is my choice to be a Christian.

I don't appreciate people making fun of my personal beliefs, especially in this area. I would never sit and laugh at someone for being an atheist or another religion, or insinuate that they are stupid for believing certain things because it isn't fair to them and it is so disrespectful.

I don't think this person realises how much offence can be caused by this kind of attitude but people should know that mocking or being derisive to other peoples religious beliefs is moronic.

I find that among everyone I know the people who are worst for being disparaging to others are surprisingly the scientist atheists (disclaimer: obviously not all of them). They are literally some of the most stubborn, pig-headed people I know and can be so rude to you if you have faith in something that cannot be empirically tested. They try and use science to disprove all religions in one fail swoop by saying things like

'Look at evolution, that's not what it says in your Bible.'

To which I reply

'Having studied Early Human Origins, I probably know a damn site more about human evolution than you do! But you know what, that doesn't shake my faith.'

And then they always talk about being a blind follower or a sheep, which is possibly one of the most insulting things you can say to someone. I get so angry about this because it took me a long time to come around to what I believe in today, it wasn't like someone told me what to believe and I accepted it without thought, so to be accused of that, again, feels like they are calling me stupid and no one likes being called stupid.

Certain people also get really annoyed when there is someone in the middle of a city centre preaching whatever religion it may be, saying that they shouldn't be forcing their religion on people and that people have the right to decide whether they are religious or not, and yet these same people are the people that often say things that make you feel uncomfortable to admit to them that you are religious. It is almost as if it has become O.K to openly talk about anti-religious things but is no longer acceptable to talk about being religious.

I wish that everyone could just be respectful to other peoples choices and not try and force their views upon others when they haven't even asked for them.

Monday, 31 March 2014

Abbijo: Back to the Wirral

Everyone knows that last weekend was mothers day but that weekend was also a friend's 21st Birthday. His girlfriend and sister had arranged a surprise party for him and since it was the same weekend as Mothering Sunday I decided to make a trip home from Uni even though I have deadlines this week (Best friend and daughter me!)
My ootd

So I travelled home and basically went straight to the party because my train got in late. I don't know if any of you have ever done a surprise party before and if you have maybe they were more successful but for this one we stood in the dark waiting for about 15 minutes before the birthday boy arrived! and during that time one of our other friends arrived and we very nearly used the party poppers on him!

I got a fit of giggles whilst waiting in the dark and could barely keep quiet after we saw his car arrive (awkward) but after the surprise part of the party everything was really fun and just settled down like a regular party.

The birthday boy with his sister (left) and girlfriend (right)
Collage taken from catinthehammock's Instagram

One of my friends thinks he can do press-ups with me on his back!

I'd go home to see these two any day!

The guy on the far left decided to shave his hair, big drunken mistake!
So when I got back home after the party it was Mothering Sunday and I had already planned to make Afternoon Tea for my mum and my Grandma. I had tried to book somewhere early that week but everywhere was fully booked (eager people on the Wirral), well the personal touch of me making the Afternoon Tea suited my family.

Ham sandwiches, black cracked pepper crisps, cherry scones with clotted cream and cherry jam, long jam doughnuts and chocolate custards
Hope you all had a good weekend

Friday, 28 February 2014