Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Abbijo: Rock life

I went to a house party the other day that was themed on what we brits think stereotype American Frat Parties. We had all of the red plastic cups and we played all the kind of drinking games one would expect to have there, beer pong etc, but before the party I had a dilemma on what to wear.
Now I love fancy dress, but there isn't much to go as apart from just yourself to a house party. So I decided that I wanted to do something totally out of the ordinary for me and go as a Rock Chic. My hair and make-up I knew would have to be awesome. For my make-up I did the obvious big black eyes, the hair however was a little harder for me to decide upon. In the end I went for a mix of random curls and also random sections of crimped hair.
I know crimping hair hasn't really been popular since the 90's but I have always loved crimped hair and I think it can look awesome. I managed to dig out my old crimper and it literally took an hour to heat up!

For the outfit I bought a super cheap black top and cut right down the sides and wore a colourful bralet and tucked the top into ripped denim shorts. It was slightly cold out and so I put over the knee black socks with white limited edition studded Converse pumps. I also placed some of my old Rosary Beads and a thick black bangle on as my accessories.
And shazaaaam I was turned into a Rock Chic!

Monday, 29 July 2013

Abbijo: Adaptation is everything

When my sister and I were younger she had a moment of wisdom that has stuck with me ever since and is one that I will pass on to as many people as possible. She told me never to overuse the same make-up otherwise you will become stuck in a make-up rut and will find it hard to look extra nice. I was scared I would look the same for a night out as I would for school so I decided to develop as many make-up looks as I possible could. So tonight I thought I would show you a couple of the looks I love.

Look 1:
Black and silver smoky eyes with a natural lip is honestly one of my most favourite looks for a special occasion and it is what I wear most often on a night out. It goes with all hairstyles and really emphasises your eyes (obviously). There is something really sexy to me about smoky eyes, done correctly they practically smoulder. Something that is great about this kind of make-up is that it can be adapted to every eye shape, whereas some eye-liner effects are hard to create on different eye shapes.
Eyebrows are really under the microscope at the moment with the likes of Lilly Collins and Cara Delevingne making full and thick eyebrows so popular. You can colour match your eyebrows to an eye-shadow and make them look more full if your brows are a bit sparse, or if you fell for the craze of thin eyebrows and now your eyebrows won't grow properly due to over-plucking.
If you want to mix the look up a bit try adding a bright fun colour in to the eye make-up. This can help to make your eyes pop and really make you stand out from the crowd.

Look 2:
This was my prom night look from when I finished High School and I would not change it it now two years on. it is the kind of look that is obvious that you are wearing make-up and yet still manages to look effortless and natural.
I use a very light blusher and bronzer for contouring and highlighting. A little eye-shadow and eye-liner and lashings of mascara (you can use lash inserts but I would steer clear of most false eyelashes as the are difficult to make look natural).
I used a natural lipstick colour with a bit of a coral pigmentation in it just to add some colour to my face.

Look 3:
Sometimes I prefer to emphasise my lips and not my eyes, although this is a rare occasion because my eyes are a brilliant shape and colour for playing around with. However when I go on a night with my girlfriends for cocktails I like to do a much more natural look and just use a bold colour on my lips.
therefore I make my face look entirely natural and only use mascara on my eyes.
Red does not work on everyone so finding bright colours that really work on your lips is a key in good make-up. Bright pink is a lovely colour for the summer.
If you are going to emphasise your lips and not eyes try not to make too much of your eyebrows, don't make them look too sculptured and groomed.

Look 4:

My sister (left) is so beautiful and has really mastered the 'natural look' as you can see I have yet to manage to get this a amazingly as she does, my sister's face glows and her eyes are stunning. I watch her and marvel at how she only uses bronzer, concealer, mascara and a hint of eye-liner to create this look. My skin is not good enough to not use a full coverage foundation and I frame my eyes too much with mascara. But one day I am sure I will have the confidence to be confident in my skin and hopefully be as radiant as my sister.

All of these looks are achieved fairly easily without many products. I would say the essential thing for every make-up look would be an amazing mascara, an eye-liner that works for you and either a foundation or concealer, depending on how immaculate your skin is.
The products I use for this are
Mascara: Yves Saint Laurent False Lash Effect
Eye-liner: Bobbi Brown Gel Liner 
Foundation: Benefit Hello Flawless 

Monday, 22 July 2013

Abbijo: Curl o'clock

So I have my hair Ombre style and I know that when it is straight (natural) it looks good, but nothing in comparison to when it is curled. So when I get dressed up and go out, for the most part I have it curly. But there are so many ways to curl ones hair and they all give you different results. So looking over some old photos got me wondering; What is the best way to curl your hair?

Curl one:

This curl is done using heat, I actually use a Cosmopolitan Curling Wand from the set. It is my favourite heat curling product, having tried out many, many curling contraptions over the years, this is the one I would recommend to people. It is really quick and easy to use and leaves beautiful waves in your hair. The only problem with it is that as a heat product it is inevitably going to damage your hair, so when using it and any other heat products on your hair ALWAYS use a heat protection spray (oh and I believe it does not work well on thick hair). My personal favourite is by Umberto Giannini and is sold at boots, it smells fantastic and you really notice a difference when using it.

Curl two:

This curl is not made using heat but time. After you have washed your hair using your chosen products, you should separate your hair and put into two braids (it can be done with three braids, but this gives a much more wild look). Then simply wait for your hair to dry, undo and brush out (picture one), this is quite a big hairstyle so if you want to smooth it out (picture two) and tame the waves into sleek folds then you can use a multitude of products one of my personal favourites again by Umberto Giannini.
The only problem with this style is that it takes so long to achieve, however this is not a problem if you know when you are going to need the style, oh say 24 hours in advance.

Curl three:

Again this curl does not actually require heat and follows pretty much the same process as the previous one. The only difference being it does not use braids but a messy bun. So simply tie your hair up when it is wet, in a completely messy and mad bun and your hair will look something like this when it is dry. I love doing this at night when I am going to be in a rush the next morning because it will dry while you're asleep and then for a sorted style you can just release it and use a bit of hairspray to keep it looking carefully messed up all day. A brilliant, relaxed style for a busy day.

For all of these looks I have used Hairspray to help keep the curls intact, my hairspray of choice is Elnett Satin Supreme Hold Hairspray by L'Oreal.

Saturday, 20 July 2013

Abbijo: Goes galactic

I know it isn't a summery colour but I just love Revlon's Moon Candy range of nail polish. There are lots of colours but this is the only one I have tried so far. 
The effect of the second application is really beautiful and one that you will want to stare at for hours looking at the way they glint and shine in the light.

Yet as always there are downfalls with such beautiful nail polishes. I don't think it lasts as long as some nail polishes, however if you make sure to put a good quality base and top coat on then it should stay a reasonable amount of time.

Also the second layer to apply leaves the nails with a very bizarre and not altogether pleasant texture to it, however a top coat does somewhat alleviate this problem.  

For buying my beauty products I often use the website Feel Unique
Base Coat: SpaRitual 
Nail Polish: Revlon Moon Candy in the shade Galactic 
Top Coat: Dior 

Friday, 19 July 2013

Abbijo: Giraffe alert

When visiting the zoo on an extremely hot and sunny day there is only one thing on my mind; Don't burn! 
I was taking my adorable Godchildren to Chester Zoo and knew I would be too busy concentrating on looking after them to keep applying sun cream as meticulously as I should to myself. Baring this in mind I decided to wear a top that covered my shoulders to avoid the otherwise inevitable burn.

This outfit really worked for a long day at the zoo. The loose pale top didn't make me overheat my tiny denim shorts allowed my legs to actually see the sun! 

I was even asked while there, where I bought my top, it's always a massive ego boost when someone asks you about your clothes.

Top: Topshop 
Shorts: Last year at H&M
Flip flops: Too old to remember!
Sunglasses: Ray-Ban
Bag: From a while back Chanel 

Monday, 15 July 2013

Abbijo: Cropped out blue

My outfit from a while ago for a night out. I absolutely love the cropped top look at the moment and think it is so appropriate for the summer with a high waisted bottom. The picture isn't very clear (apologies) but the top is a navy blue colour and only slightly darker than the panels in the skirt. I also wore dark blue shoes. 

I think matching all the colours in one outfit like this can go horribly wrong but in this case the top and shoes are dark enough blues that it looks nice and not too 'matchy matchy', so beware when colour matching outfits.

Top- Boohoo
Skirt and Shoes- H&M

Saturday, 13 July 2013

Abbijo: Spotted glory

When visiting the beach in England it isn't necessarily appropriate to just wear a cute two piece especially when looking after your amazing Godchildren. I covered up with this cute spotted kaftan that I inherited from my sister!

Thursday, 11 July 2013

Abbijo: A natural reunion

Tonight I was reunited with my two best girlfriends and for this oh so special occasion I wanted to look nice but not OTT so I went with a natural makeup look and gently wavy hair. Hope you like it!

Foundation: Hello Flawless by Benefit in Ivory 
Mascara: YSL in Black
Eyeliner: Long Wear Gel Eyeliner by Bobbi Brown in Black
Eyeshadow: Naked Basics palette by Urban Decay