Friday, 30 August 2013

Abbijo: Style-a-thon

The other day I was super bored of my work so I decided to to go out and model some outfits so that I have some really good quality pictures for my Lookbook account. Luckily I have a few friends who are really good with a camera and so I enlisted one of them to come an snap me posing it up. He obliged willing saying that it would be good to add to his portfolio as he hasn't done anything like this before. So a win all round really.
We had so much fun doing this so I just want to post a couple of pictures that didn't make the cut for Lookbook on here. Keep checking my Lookbook account to see the final results of the day.

My beautiful cap hiding my face 

So I let the sun on my face, think this is the last time I got to sun love before my skin was banned from seeing the sun!

Test shot have to be amusing right?

I'd never wear one out, but they all wear garlands in those Lookbook pictures right?

Got to protect your skin at all times...

So carry a cute accessory like my parasol

Thursday, 29 August 2013

Abbijo: Simple things

I have been feeling rotten about not being allowed in the sunlight for the next week and not being able to swim the the Great London Swim so my whole trip to London is going to spent inside during the day, only able to venture outside in the evenings. Well I am sure I will still have fun with my family and I will try and watch my sister and her partner swim it anyway.
But today I was overwhelmed when one of my friends suggested we do something tonight that i would enjoy because he knew I had been feeling unwell and I guess he gathered how upset I have been over this whole illness. So I held a poker night at my house and at the very last minute a few of my friends came which made me feel so much better about everything, they were willing to travel to see me, comfort me and keep me company. So I thought I would honour these particular friends who managed to come.

L, one of my best female friends here at home. This is us pictured on my birthday night out. She is extremely cheerful and funny and a really good friend to have, she is kind of like a mother figure sometimes I guess because I think she is quite caring when she is a friend, also quite mature. (Although maybe that's cause she is a year older than me,)

J, it was his idea to do something tonight for me and I think that shows just how much of an amazing friend he is. Really tried to make me feel better. I feel blessed to have a friend like him. Although it was super last minute so many people couldn't come because of work and prior commitments I still had a fantastic time tonight. He is possibly one of the most jokey people I know and is constantly taking the piss out of you or someone else, but it is all done in jest and he is extremely funny when he does it. This picture was taken on our recent flight with some other friends who happen to be in France now. (Jealous)

E, the final friend who managed to come tonight. He is one of my fellow swimmers from way back when I used to swim properly, before I went to Uni and got super lazy. We still swim in the holidays together though so it is quite nice to get back to that. He is a really funny person as well, loves banter. Sometimes he crosses the line I guess but most of the time he tiptoes around it. This picture was taken the summer after my first year of Uni. Funny right? I was trying to get is six pack out haha.

So yeah, I know my other friends were to busy or in other countries so couldn't make it, but it really made me feel better that these came and we had such a good poker night. Okay I didn't win but I came second, I was playing recklessly because there wasn't money involved in this game. Apparently some students are too broke to buy in to a poker game! Who would have thought it haha?!

Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Abbijo: Rant on the NHS

Okay so I went to the doctors today again because I have been feeling really unwell in myself and have an abscess forming for the fourth time since Easter, so for the fourth time in about 4 months! The first one got so big that it actually burst before the doctors would do anything about it. They kept prescribing me with an antibiotic called Flucloxacillin which is a Broad Spectrum Anti-biotic. This did nothing to combat what was wrong with me so the doctors tried another Anti-biotic which also had no effect, I cannot remember what this one was called as it was a couple of months ago and I have been on so many since then. Finally after at least two months they decided to test me and at the end of June they diagnosed the problem as MRSA. When they told me that this is what I had I was totally shocked because I have heard of it as a superbug that is really dangerous. My doctor told me that it wasn't a major problem as there was no abscess at this point so it wasn't life threatening. Instead of making me feel better it made me feel worse, I had had an abscess that they had not treated and in the end had burst. Luckily everything was okay with mine and I didn't get blood poisoning or endocarditis which I believe you can get if this is left untreated (disclaimer I am by no means a doctor!). So with the swabs they had done they were able to prescribe me with an Anti-biotic that my MRSA was not resistant to, this was a particularly strong one that can give you stomach ulcers if you do not follow the instructions carefully. Everything cleared up nicely and I was so happy because finally I could say that I was well for the first time in months.

However when I came home for the summer holidays, after a week or two I noticed another abscess forming and made an appointment with a doctor who continued to tell me that it looked like perhaps just the remnants of the MRSA and to leave it as it should disappear on it's own. Two days later the abscess had become a fully formed lump like I had known it would. I went to a walk in centre as the GP was closed where they swabbed it for me but told me they could not do anything and I would have to see a doctor when the GP was open again. So I made the appointment and as this doctor didn't have all of my records from Bristol it was difficult communicating everything that I had gone through, annoyingly she prescribed Flucloxacillin again for me. I have by this point had that drug six or seven times since my first dose in Easter which all of my medic friends tell me is a really bad thing. Basically it meant that every time I finished a dose, my immune system would have to rebuild itself again. This time though the Flucloxacillin actually seemed to work and the abscess disappeared by the end of the course of Anti-biotics. 

Dressing cosy because I'm not allowed outside, no make-up, no cares just fed up of illness 

But just last week I noticed what appeared to be the formation of another abscess and I nearly cried. I decided not to go to the doctor immediately because I didn't want to be turned away like in the past as it was too small to do anything about. I booked an appointment this morning and was seen very quickly, I have yet again been prescribed with an Anti-biotic, but this one is called Doxycycline. Apparently taking this means I have to become a vampire for the next week, I'm not being forced to drink blood or anything but the pharmacist told me that I will burn if my skin sees the sun. He says it makes your skin extremely sensitive to the sun and I should go out with extreme caution! The doctor also told me that if this clears up and then comes back again he will put me on a long term Anti-biotic for preventative measures. I am not sure exactly how long, long term is in this case and I hate taking tablets, but if it means I can finally get a clean bill of health I will gladly do it.

So I guess what I have learned from this experience is that seeing different doctors around the country does not help, because they all want to try the Flucloxacillin before doing something else so you end up taking a ton of it. They also don't believe you when you tell them something is wrong which means it has to get to the point where it is painful before they can treat it. 
On a side note, when my abscess burst, I went to the BRI (Bristol Royal Infirmary) basically to A&E and had MRSA present there and leaking all over the place and they did not even test me they just stuck a dressing on it and told me to get it changed frequently, probably twice a day. So you hear all this stuff about MRSA and how people who have contracted it have their own private wards and things like this and yet I managed to walk in and out of the BRI without anyone knowing I had MRSA, safe? 

Smiling with the thought that this could be the beginning of the end to my illness

Don't get me wrong I think the NHS does do a good job a lot of the time and I am very grateful that it is so heavily subsidised so if one day I need lifesaving care I won't have to pay for it, but the amount of antibiotics that I have had to purchase in the last few months is ridiculous, it is so expensive getting ill and with doctors continually trying things that aren't going to work, just to 'make sure' I feel like asking them to buy the medication for me.      

Wednesday, 21 August 2013

Abbijo: A pictorial of my birthday

 Birthday dinner and cake with my family

Blowing out the 20 candles on my cake

The start of the night out 

The product of a couple of cocktails 

Some free birthday shots that were delicious 

The end of the night

Peace out! It is now just an normal day 

Tuesday, 20 August 2013

Abbijo: Birthday Haul

So I told my friends I didn't really want much for my birthday and they shouldn't bother to buy me presents. But of course being good friends they went ahead and did it anyway, I do love my friends. C, brought a bag round and said
'Don't be angry I got you things you can use for your blog so it doesn't count as a present!'
And so this is mainly about her presents but I'll pop in the other presents I got too, just in case anyone wants to be nosy like I know I would be.

Okay so all of these Soap and Glory products are brilliant, I love Soap and Glory in general and these items are their small travelling range which are really handy. The Hand Food has a really thin dispenser part which is good because as it spreads really well you don't need that much and this prevents you wasting it. The Righteous Butter Body Lotion is a thinner version of the Righteous Butter which means that it is good for when you are on the go and it absorbs really quickly into the skin and yet works just as well as the non lotion, plus they both smell divine.
Gelly Hi Shine nail paint by Barry M comes out beautifully on the nails and is very shiny like it says. It takes two coats however because otherwise it is extremely streaky and seems to stay well as I don't even have the hint of a chip and its been two days. It hasn't become dull yet and looks as if I applied it today.
Sumptuous Extreme Mascara by Estee Lauder is very impressive. I have been addicted to YSL for mascara for at least three years and have not wanted to stray. But if ever a mascara has tempted me it would be this one. It is really lengthening and doesn't clump at all. I only needed one coat and it does the look that I love, lengthy black and curled upwards. This has opened my eyes up and I am now genuinely considering a change, hmmmm we shall see.
Finally she bought me Baby Lips lip balm by Maybelline. I have wanted to try this product for ages and I have to say that it has lived up to its reputation and beyond. I love it! It conditions my lips so well and the tint colour that is in them is fantastic. This one is called Cherry me and is a red colour and I think the colour is super amazing. It is strong enough that you don't need lipstick with it and yet it kind of leaves your lips looking quite natural because it is a balm and not a lip stain. I loved this product so much that I went out and bought it in another two colours, so I bought Pink Punch and Peach Kiss too so that I could have a range of colours. They all smell so great and fruity and I love them so much that I would definitely recommend everyone going to buy these products.

You can get all of these products from Boots and they have a whole range of small products that you can carry around in your handbag!

My friend L bought me this photo frame and put this photo in it. The thing about giving a photo frame to someone is you don't just give a photo frame you can give a memory as well. This photo is from our trip to Tenerife and brings back so many amazing memories just having it. It's also a great present for me because everybody knows that I have photos of family and friends all over my room to remind me how luck I am, and I love purple!

My beautiful godchildren got me this bracelet which I think is gorgeous and really fits in with the kind of jewellery that I wear. Note the Jelly Hi Shine nail paint I have on from two days ago, see how shiny it is!

This book was a gift from my mum which I love so much. It is kind of like a diary but with titles for what you are supposed to write in it. I think I will love looking back at this When I'm older to see what has changed in my life. It has sections to put photos of loved ones in and the things that motivate you, who you follow on twitter etc... I think I am going to fill it out every 5 years (there is enough space for this) so that I can see how much I change. I think this is possibly my favourite gift because it was so unexpected and yet so perfect. I did not ask for presents I only asked from my family that on my next trip to Asia they add a bit of money to the pot so I can travel there more freely.
In case you're wondering what I put in this book, I'll tell you one. In the What Motivates You section I glued a picture of Victoria Harbour, Hong Kong at nigh time taken from The Peak!

I have yet to receive all of my presents and cards from family and friends as some are too far to come for the day, however I was so happy with this that it really makes me great full that I have such fantastic friends and family.

Always love

Abbijo: At 1400 feet

I have not yet blogged about my birthday but that will have to wait until I have sorted through the photos and actually what I want to say, So much happened you see.

So this is a post about the flight I took the day after my birthday. My friend, R, is a qualified pilot and is really awesome so he said he would take us flying. Awesome right?! We went to Liverpool John Lennon airport and right next to it is a private flying club. the plane we went in was so tiny it was super cute and I loved it.

We flew all over Liverpool and the Wirral, and headed just out over some other places, I'm not entirely sure where exactly we went. I super loved the feeling in this little baby, you felt the turbulence a lot more then you would in a jet, but it wasn't scary it was so fun. It felt like I was on a roller-coaster some times and others it was just smooth flying. I wouldn't recommend these planes if you aren't good with flying in general or if you mind a bit of a rocky ride.

It is a great opportunity to get some cool looking self pictures, and of course I had to wear aviators if I was going flying! You had to wear the headphones because the plane was so noisy and you couldn't hear anything over the engine noise. We had so much fun with these headphones :)

This is my darling friend and pilot who took us out. He's funny scowling at me like that, don't think he liked his hi-vis jacket too much.

I wanted to wear something super cute and girly but also warm so I wouldn't be cold, I hate being cold. the dress is actually a multi purpose item as it can be worn as two different types of skirt as well as a dress! So yeah that is my outfit for a fun flight with friends.

Leggings- Topshop
Waist Belt- Vintage, my mum bought it over 25 years ago

Monday, 19 August 2013

Abbijo: Birthday face

Just wanted to share with you the make-up I wore for my birthday because I think it is super super cute.

So I did a natural look on the whole but there is a subtle smoky eye that looked damn good and got the bartenders attention in the bars we went to tonight.  

I just got back from the cocktail evening with the my two best girlfriends and I have to say that we have never properly had a cocktail evening together in Liverpool so tonight was a first and it was so good we have we decided to make them into a bi-weekly thing that we can do together.
While I literally live on cocktails in university neither of them do so I thought I would take them out tonight for what I know best which is good cocktails.
We got free shots in Browns  and Palm Sugar because it was my birthday! You cannot go wrong with free shots.

Anyway this was just an extremely quick post to show my makeup.
Good night, sleep tight

Sunday, 18 August 2013

Abbijo: Birthday surprise

Today, 18.08.2013 I have turned the ripe age of 20, I know it is not THAT old but I was really nervous to end my teenage years. My last four birthdays have all had something unpleasant happen on them so I decided this year that while I would do something to mark the day it would not be anything particularly special to try and limit the disasters that could happen.

I was at a house part last night through to this morning, and then I came home and opened the small surprise presents off my mum (I'll upload my birthday haul later) after this I decided I would go shopping with my two best girlfriends at home on the Wirral. I have just got back from this spree and am writing this quickly before I start to cook dinner for nine people! I am having my family round, including my darling godchildren. After this I will be going back out with my girlfriends for some cocktails in the best cocktail bars in Liverpool. In total that means that for my birthday I will be wearing four different outfits! seems decadent? Oh well that is how I role! Haha

So this for me is going to perhaps be one of the best birthdays ever, I get to see all of my friends who live on the Wirral, all of my family who live here and I got to turn 20 in the happy alcohol haze of the house party and will also finish my birthday under the influence of beautiful cocktails, just what I love!

Have an awesome day, I know I will

Saturday, 17 August 2013

Abbijo: A closet organiser

Thought I would do a blog post about my wardrobes since they are such a huge part of my life and I love them so much. They are organised in a way that means that I know where everything goes and can find something really, really, really quickly, but I think my logic might just suit me and only be comprehensible to me.

All of the clothes that are on hangers have the front on the left because that way they are all facing the same direction, this really matters to me and I go crazy when they aren't all facing left. I like my dresses and Skirts to be in length order so I can find the length I am looking for and then choose from that section. Since the dresses don't have dividers between evening and day dresses, I do the length so that it gets longer and then suddenly goes up again which marks the divide between the two sections (does that make sense?). And I always have my trousers in a colour themed order.

1) Colder outerwear, thin cardigans, kimono etc...
2) Shirts and blouses for both work and everyday
3) More Formal and going out tops
4) Skirts in length order 
5) Nightwear, from summer to winter 
6) Work out tops
7) Jumpers and cardigans that I wear a lot
8) Sweat pants, leggings, house pants
9) More jumpers and cardigans I wear a lot
10) Shorts that I can wear in public
11) Sweat shorts, yoga shorts, things I shouldn't but do wear outside! They're just so damn comfy
12) Every day tee-shirts
13) Everyday vests that I wear a hell of a lot
14) Bras
15) Socks 
16) Underwear
17) Gloves, hats and scarves for cold weather, not just fashion! (I do have practical clothes)

1) Hoddies
2) Day time maxi dresses
3) Ball-gowns and formal floor length dresses
4) Evening dresses, in length order
5) Day dresses, in length order
6) Playsuits, I only have two :(
7) Trouser, from the lightest to the darkest
8) Some jackets

My wardrobe in numbers:
21 pairs of trousers hanging, 8 of these are jeans 
44 dresses, only 12 of these are day dresses
25 skirts 
8 pairs or sweat and yoga shorts that I live in
Only 5 pairs of shorts for actually wearing outside
3 pairs of sweat pants, one pair of house pants
Countless vests and tee-shirts 

I guess that shows how much I just love to be comfy in a vest and sweats or sweat shorts. My personal favourite place to get these shorts from is Hollister and Gilly Hicks However these cost £19 for something you only ever really wear inside the house and no one is going to see. Now I don't mind paying that much for a couple of pairs because I literally wear them everyday, I mean when I get home I change into them as soon as I can, however if I had paid full price for all of them, I would have spent £152 on shorts that I mainly wear inside the house, so instead I got most of them on sale, this brings them down to around £10 in store and £14 online. Saves you money right?! And there are literally always nice ones on sale, because lets face it, there isn't a lot of material to make them really ugly, they are what they are.

So that is a very brief encounter with my wardrobe that will let you know a little something about me and the kind of lazy comfy person I am when I'm home. I hope that if you wardrobes are just messy put things in with nor order or system that showing you mine might help you to organise your wardrobe, or maybe you just want to copy something I have done. Just remember to keep your wardrobes fun, it should never be a chore to put your clothes away. 
As always if you have any questions drop me an email

Have fun organising 

Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Abbijo: Hoarder or Lover- Perfume

I have decided to do a segment in my blog called Hoarder or Lover. This is going to be a comparison entry that I will do about certain things I have a lot of. It will basically decide whether I love the things I have or just hoard and never throw them away. This is thanks to my darling mother who was complaining to me today (and most days) about how much 'stuff' I have. Today it was because I was complaining that I didn't have the right nail varnishes for the marble nails that I wanted to do, as mine were not turning out amazingly, pictures to follow.
'But you have a box full upstairs too!' I had been rummaging through a small box of nail varnish in the living room while watching television with her.
'I know, but I don't have the right colours there either!'
While normally her complaints about the volume of clothes or shoes or products I have just bounce off me, today I actually thought about it and have to say I agree, I have too much of ... everything really. So these entries will be every time I can muster the courage to face the horrific fact that I might have to get rid of a few things.

Today's Hoarder or Lover is about Perfume.

This is the collection that stays at home while I am in university and, even though there are handbag sized bottles, I do not use these in my handbags. They are my everyday perfumes that I love but do not travel with because they are not 'special enough'. When I travel to university I am limited in the amount of things I can take with me so I only take two or three bottles with me, they are currently in Bristol. In my handbags I prefer to carry a range of cute a flowery body sprays to freshen up with. For these I generally use the Ted Baker or FCUK scents because they smell great and come in conveniently small bottles.

I have had some of these bottles for years and that is because I cannot bear to finish them because I love the smell so much. The problem is that because I love the smell I refuse to finish them, which means that I never finish a bottle and end up with a collection of, in total at home and university, over thirty bottles!

So do I hoard or do I love perfume?
For perfume, I am going to be honest and say that I hoard it. While I love having such beautiful bottles with gorgeous fragrances inside them, it is totally unnecessary to have so many bottles of perfume. I should really finish the bottles and stop this madness!

Until next time

Saturday, 10 August 2013

Abbijo: A hair's breath

I got my hair cut yesterday at a salon near my home on the Wirral and what I hate so much about hairdressers happened to me. After I told her what I wanted she said that it wouldn't suit me because I have hair that is too fine for the style I asked for, this I was prepared for and so I replied with the question of how could we make something similar work with my hair? She talked extremely fast in a jargon that I had no way of understanding and then proceeded to cut my hair exactly how I didn't want it. When I say this I mean I would prefer to have a drastic cut like Beyonce has just had or even shorter than that, then be stuck with the cut I now have.

Basically what she has done to my hair is leave it flat and boring with a couple of long layers in it. Don't be offended by the fact that I hate this for me because it isn't the style that I hate it is the fact that it really doesn't suit my character or age. When I leave education and get a formal job this hairstyle will be perfect and look really appropriate, but as it is, I am 19, in university and still having fun with my look and style while I can. 

I am getting it fixed in a different salon today, I went in yesterday and the woman who is going to be cutting my hair listened to my problem found a work around for my hair and talked through everything with me until I was satisfied that I will be leaving the salon later today with hair that is fun, young and suits me. While this may be extravagant to get two hair cuts consecutively I feel it is a cost that I almost have to pay, it also might seem extremely vain, but it is my choice and to be honest if I want a type of haircut I should be able to have it, after all I am paying for a service I expect to receive it. 

This brings me to the point of this blog entry, I want to say that I didn't complain yesterday and just said it looked nice, paid and left. This was wrong of me. I was too embarrassed to say anything at the time, but now I am going to pay again to have my hair cut. This could have been avoided if I had only had the courage to speak out at the time. I feel really bad about this now, so I implore you that when you go to the salon to get something new and risky done to your hair, if you are aware that the look may be a high maintenance one and are prepared to deal with this consequence, then you should most definitely stand your ground. Speak with authority, but not rudely and if you don't think you have been given what you ask for, then you MUST say so. It is your right as a consumer to be given what you ask for whether they think it will look good or not. I mean let's face it, everyone has their own individual style so who's to say they are always right.

Friday, 9 August 2013

Abbijo: On ice

Thought I'd put a picture up from Ice Skating the other day.
Note I would not normally wear knee length socks with this skirt but they are padded nicely to keep my feet comfortable, also the gloves were in case I fell over.
So the picture isn't amazing quality as my friend took this on his iPhone (crappy camera, but that is because, not only am I an Android lover, I am also a Samsung lover). So yeah these are some of my friends from home, aren't they cute? Love them to bits, even if I don't show it very often.

Skirt: American Apparel
Top: To say that this top is old is an understatement. It belonged to my sister when she was doing her GCSEs...She finished her degree three years ago.
Gloves and socks are just basic black cotton, goodness knows where from.

Tuesday, 6 August 2013

Abbijo: Tame that madness

Okay so last night I washed my hair and then continued with work and whenever I work I put my hair in a messy bun to keep it out of my way. Only problem was that then I slept on it and woke up looking like this:

Wow I know it was not a good morning to be me. I was rushing to get ready and then caught a glimpse of my normally sleek and straight hair in a mirror looking like a birds nest. Horrific!

However all was not lost because I have this amazing 'oil' which works wonders on smoothing out anything. So it left my hair looking like this:

Okay so I know I have also put make-up on in that picture so there is an improvement all round but still you can see the difference and how much more tamed and decent it looks, right? So what miracle product do I use on this mess whenever I want to smooth it out or volumise it or just in general improve the look of a hairstyle? I use Percy and Reed Smooth, Sealed & Sensational Volumising No Oil Oil (for fine hair) 

This product is so good and they even make one for thick hair as well which I assume is just as good for people with thicker hair then mine. It says that you can use one or two drops but I guess that goes on the length of your hair, mine is so long that I like to use two drops from the bottle. It smells delightful and that smell stays with your hair throughout the whole day, an added bonus.

I am going to be trying out some more of their products in the near future as well so pop back to me any time.

À bientôt!

Monday, 5 August 2013

Abbijo: Ice beware

So I am having an amazing day off work tomorrow and this is because I am going Ice Skating with some friends. But this poses a number of problems that I don't know how to solve.
  1. What to wear- This is always the biggest problem when I go ice skating as non of my clothes are really suitable for falling on the freezing cold ice... problem. One of my friends who is really into photography wants to do a mini photo shoot there of us on the ice, so the outfit I wear tomorrow has to look amazing... problem. The outfit I eventually choose needs to not be too stiff and has to allow for free movement (especially since I will be driving)... problem. Having to think about all of these combined makes one heck of a BIG problem for me.
  2. Driving there- I will be driving a full car of boys... problem. I will be driving us to a place in the middle of Wales on roads I am not accustomed to... problem. I don't actually know where this place is and will be relying on the boys with a map... problem. I have to leave my house at 8:30 am to get there in time to be first in... problem. Yet this does not worry me any where near as much as what to wear does, go figure.
  3. Food- The only food that is served at the ice rink is fatty disgusting foods that even if I did like I couldn't eat anyway since I'm trying to be healthy. This will mean in the morning I will have to get up even earlier to make myself food that I can take with me. 
Now I know non of these problems are major world problems but since it is going to be my only free day in a while, I really want to enjoy every moment of it, which is why I have made plans for the evening when I will be getting back as well. I will be enjoying the light brain exercise of a pub quiz with another group of friends.

I have to say that all work productivity today has been majorly diminished by the excitement of relaxing on the ice rink tomorrow and constantly looking in my wardrobe for something to wear. So really you could say that ice skating is basically taking up two whole work days. The shocking life of a girl who loves everything to be perfect and so stresses about things to the point where it becomes almost unpleasant.

To counter this I think the photos will turn out beautifully because what will shine through more than anything in them is the amount of fun that we have when we are together and that is something no amount of accessories can fake or overshadow (and since we will all be wearing ice skates I won't be wearing any beautiful heels). 

I guess also that while I want to look like this on the ice:
I should know that that is never going to happen since I can't skate well. 
So I think so long as I wear something that is comfy but perhaps slightly elegant it wont really matter what I wear.

Yu-Na Kim of South Korea 

And for food, well I make nice salads so I guess that is what I will be eating tomorrow.

Now the only thing to worry about is falling over and breaking something or just hurting myself really badly. Well I guess there are worse ways to seriously injure yourself then when you are having fun with your friends.

So wish me buena suerte

Sunday, 4 August 2013

Abbijo: Peplum saviour

I went out for cocktails two nights ago but was feeling rather bloated, I am so busy doing work for my dissertation at the moment that I am spending the whole day cooped up inside my personal study, believe me when I say you wouldn't know it was a bedroom to look at now! 
Every inch of what was my vanity is now covered in books and sketches of religious items found in Asia. The bed I sleep on only has a small section by the pillow that is not covered in papers of my thoughts for my dissertation, The other bed in my room is covered as usual with all the things I use when I'm in bed so all my cleansers and toners, tweezers and now piles of National Geographic. It is so messy just to look at and yet I know exactly where everything is, all the information is so easily accessible to me, but if you just walk into my room now, you'd think I was crazy.
I have never been so interested in my studies before this but my dissertation is literally so interesting I am enjoying every minute of writing it and attempting my research.

However because all I am doing with my day is working, I find it extremely difficult to not snack. To make this not as bad for myself I bought a ton of fruit, strawberries, pineapple, blueberries, grapes, bananas etc... But this is not enough I have eaten my way through all the fruit in my house (rather quickly) and then so many chocolates and other unhealthy things. With not doing any exercise during the day I feel as though I am gaining weight by the second, this is really putting my usually fantastic metabolism to the test. 
So when my friends asked me out for cocktails at The Grange, I knew I could not possibly wear something tight on my top half like I normally do, I mean I could pass for a couple of months pregnant at the moment! So when it came to clothing I really only had one choice of what to wear, well a couple of choices because I own a couple of peplum style tops. 

I wore one of my favourites because it is still a bit loose above the the waist so would allow for any extra fat I've got right now. It's a gorgeous purple grey kind of colour with lace trim, both the middle of the front and back come down into a point and it is longer at the point of the back. I paired it with my leather front leggings because they manage to suck all of the fat in my legs in and help make them look slimmer.

As always I love to add a really bright colour to an otherwise dull coloured outfit. For this I love to use my bright turquoise envelope clutch and though I don't have precisely matching shoes I do have a powder blue par that go nicely (especially with a bit of distance between them!).

My hair and make-up I just left extremely basic (I was hurried from my house within half an hour of knowing I was going out!) and yet the night was really something I needed to get over all the work I'm doing at the moment. Not really just the beautiful concoctions of spirits and fruits that I am so partial to (aka cocktails), but also the relaxing environment of just being with my friends. Okay, okay, it is mostly the cocktails. But I am NOT and alcoholic!

Anyway this was my break from work so I'm going back to reading my lovely books and making my messy diagrams and notes.

Top: Miss Selfridge
Leggings: Mango
Clutch: Aldo
Shoes: Carvela by Kurt Geiger