Thursday, 24 October 2013

Abbijo: Vampire Alert

Okay so I know you don't really need to be inspired to be a vampire for Halloween, but I am currently in London with a very limited supply of make-up so I thought I would just do something easy. It also Means that I don't have my amazing photographer with me so the photos are mediocre at best. I did ask him if he wanted to come but I think missing lectures and the idea of a weekend with my family who he does not know might have scared him off.

You can tell how extremely easy this is. It is just a pale base on your face, a black smoky eye and black lips with the oh so cliché blood coming from the mouth, And extend your cupids bow into two points, I think this makes it look a bit more unerring. 

However if I were to give advice about how to enhance this look, ie if I had my full collection of make-up with me, I would highly recommend a deep purple/black colour under the eyes to give you proper looking eyebags and also would use this same colour to make your cheeks look quite gaunt. 


Wednesday, 23 October 2013

Abbijo: Halloween the Third

So today I actually found this look online but thought it was quite appropriate if you cannot do anything massively intricate with make-up or simply do not have the time.

So basically just whiten your face a tiny bit and then use either liquid eyeliner or eeshadow and draw lots and lots of random lines, and then draw some more. Use a dark lipstick, I used an old MAC shade. Oh and of course use black to line the whole eye.

This is my very amazing personal photographer who is a professional back home and hates working with me in my studio (bedroom) because it is too second rate haha. But he comes and helps anyway la, so yeah this is BENNY.

Get thinking about Halloween people.

Abbijo: A Broken Doll

So today's Halloween make-up inspiration is my 'broken doll' look. I personally love this look and think it is well worth the the lengthy amounts of time that it can take to do it. Of course if you do not want to do the cracked look you can just do the doll make-up for regular fancy dress parties.

So briefly this look is achieved by making your face as white as possible and then adding very pink cheeks to it. Some form of doll like eye make-up, think big round and dewy and make sure to extenuate the bottom lashes, you can use either false lashes or simply draw them on with either eyeliner of eyeshadow. Then the cracks, try to make sure that they are straight lines all connected and when porcelain cracks it obviously cracks in straight lines. Draw a different lip shape to finish and make sure that your double bow is higher than normal.

That is basically it, so stay tuned if neither the doll or the mermaid are helping you to decide what you want to go as for this years Halloween.

Monday, 21 October 2013

Abbjo: A Halloween Mermaid

So as we all know Halloween is coming up and I know it still seems like ages away but I get so many ideas for Halloween that I like to try them all out before the big day. I thought I would post each look that I try out so that if anyone needs inspiration for the day they can get it here. If you see a look you like and would like to know how I did it leave a comment and I'll either do a detailed blog post on that look, how it is done and the products I used, or drop you an email if you leave your email address.

My personal interest and love of make-up came originally from being on stage and watching the make-up artists do their magic and transform people into the weird and wonderful. I was always fascinated by the idea that some colour in a pot could make you into whatever you would choose to be. I think when you are upset you can hide behind make-up and it can brighten your day and make you really feel better. So perhaps that is way I often lean to the theatrical when it comes top Halloween.

But enough of my obsession with make-up and let's see my first idea for Halloween this year.

I got this idea a while back and while it doesn't really suit the spooky side of Halloween it does suit the need I feel to dress up! I thought a mermaid might be a really cool look to do and I found some really interesting photos of other peoples interpretations of mermaid make-up and from them and my own thoughts I kind of just went right ahead and created this...

I'm sorry the pictures don't show the colour that well but I really enjoyed doing this look. I made the choice of using typical colours associated with water using different hues of silver, blue and green. I also decided to make my skin a pale white/grey colour as I personally think that if skin has not seen the sun ever and you are living in the depths of the ocean it would not have any rosy hue at all but would have a tinge of grey. I hollowed out my cheeks with a dark grey because I thought that a sunken and perhaps gaunt look would make it more appropriate to Halloween, therefore I also added some into the sockets of my eyes. The scales on my forehead and lower jaw were created by using a fish net stocking and adding colour while it was in place. I made my lips a sort of ombre between the green and the blue just to add some more dimension. And as you can see my eyes are just a mix of eyeshadow and liquid eyeliner.

I hope this make-up can help you decided if you want to be a mermaid for this years Halloween, or at least to think outside the box, and if it has made you think you don't want to be a mermaid stay tuned to see my other ideas for this year.

Abbijo: Hope, Belief and Faith in Love

So I have had the unfortunate experience of losing two guys in the past year who are perfect on paper, which basically means they are amazing people, we connect well, really attractive and they have the same life goals and wishes as I do. And yet they have both ended despite the acknowledgement that we both still like each other but the timing of it happening means it is impossible to continue. I chose tonight to write about it because I thought it would help me move past the latest disappointment.

I think both the guys dealt with things immaturely because they both allowed things between us to happen, I mean I was technically one of their girlfriends and the other I would say we were on the way and everyone already thinks we were because we spent so much time together.

They both had baggage that I put down to them both not really knowing exactly what they want right now, they both have their lives set up for the future already and their futures are both going to be fantastic because they are so dedicated to their vision of what they want. But I think that because of this, their present state is not as nurtured and taken care of making them have a certain sadness about them. Because of this I choose to forgive them and actually feel sorry for them because even though they handled the situations in horrible ways and I am single because of it I still have this hope, belief and faith in love and I refuse to give up on it. Whereas I believe that at least one of them is scared of hurting me too much in a couple of years if his circumstances change.

So to people who are scared of commitment or that you are going to get hurt I always say that the hurt doesn't equal even a close amount of the happiness brought to you when you are in a relationship. And if that relationship does indeed end, it was not a waste of time or a pointless exercise, you learn and you grow and I do not regret any of the relationships or boys that I have seen in my time.

On to the next with terrific amounts of enthusiasm and faith

Thursday, 10 October 2013

Abbijo: Karma

Well if you have been reading my blog you will know that I have been having trouble with abscesses and all that jazz. If you haven't read previous entries about this GO BACK AND FIND THEM!

Now a situation which I was in denial about getting worse did get worse... Picture if you will a large abscess, gross I know, and it being in the under arm area, my job is working behind a bar, you need both hands to pull a pint, this hurts. I was working that night with someone who is supposes to be my close friend and she basically raised a question of whether I should be allowed to work to the manager. Behind my back. Without coming to me. Because it was taken forward in this manner it had to be dealt with and so emails were sent to health services and I was told a couple of days later I was not allowed to work, even though I had already cleared it all with my doctor.
This meant I missed out on a shift in the bar on the Saturday I was told I couldn't work, whereas if they had come to me earlier, say the Friday, I would have been able to get the note from my doctor saying that of course you can work even if it is MRSA!

I was extremely upset when I found out about all of this because not only was there a complete lack of communication from anyone to me personally to even check what was wrong with me, someone who I considered a friend went behind my back and brought this all about and didn't even apologise. Plus my dad saw how upset I was about it because he was visiting at the time I found out, when I'm upset naturally it upsets parents so to have the effect him too makes it even worse.

I was not going to take it though so the next day after I was done with all my crying I visited two of my lawyer friends, one has finished his degree from Exeter University and the other is a third year here in Bristol. They were both amazing and told me they would be able to get me money based on a number of laws that had been broken in stopping me working, I won't bore you with the details but if you want to know feel free to email me. We took everything we needed into a meeting and I didn't even have to ask for the money I missed on my shift, after explaining that a doctor has said that I can work in the past they told me I would be reimbursed for the money that I had missed on my shift, they also said that I would be getting money for at least one shift this week even if I did not end up working one and that all I needed was a doctors note.

So on the Monday morning I got a same day appointment with the Student Health Clinic and I was seen by Dr Mobbs who is just amazing. She understood how upset I was and said she would sign me off to work straight away. But greater then that she was willing to have more tests run on me. Which basically means that next Monday I am going back to undergo a certain amount of tests and then hopefully we will have a better clue as to what is wrong with me.

Moral of the story, don't mess with me because it would appear I get money without having to work (which was very kind of them, even though they had to) and what is hopefully the beginning to the end of my illness. Plus it means I will cut you out of my life, and that is not a good place to be in.

This is karma

Wednesday, 2 October 2013

Abbijo: Being vain

Thought I'd share these pictures with you as it has been a while since I have shamelessly been vain...enjoy

Abbijo: A Secondary Rant on the NHS

So some of you may have read that I have been having some trouble with the NHS and how they are helping me to get over the MRSA that I contracted somehow... you can read all about it here. So there has been some new developments in what is going on.

Basically I have developed more abscesses and if you remember last time my doctor at home said if this happened it would be straight on to the long course antibiotics so I have been preparing to give up all my favourite cocktails so that I could do this, but now that I am back in Bristol I had to see another doctor at the Student Health Clinic. The doctor I saw basically told me that I wasn't going on long term antibiotics and I was going to be given another short course to see if it will eradicate it this time. This stresses me out because it is like this every time I have to see a different doctor because I spread my life between different places. This antibiotic is also the same one that I was on last time and have been on before according to his records and so my question is: If it has failed twice already, is it actually likely to work this time? I think the answer to this is probably no, so I am going to go ahead and take some antibiotic that is going to torture my immune system make me feel completely ill and lethargic and then in a couple of weeks I am most likely going to be ill again.

But can you believe that it is not even this that I was most upset by yesterday? The doctor told me I am not allowed to shave my under arm hair indefinitely. So I said okay I can deal with that I'll start using those creams, I know they smell bad but I guess it is just what I have to do. Then he said no, you must stop hair removal from that region all together! I did not believe he was actually saying this to me, and the way he said it was so casual. As if it was not a big deal. He spoke down to me and made me feel guilty for being unwilling to do this and when I asked how long I would have to do it for, his response was not comforting caring, he just said 'indefinitely'.

People may say that I am shallow for reacting as badly as I did, because I did not stop crying for the whole day, but think how I feel about this. My whole life revolves around beauty and fashion and now a major chunk of that is being taken away from me. I absolutely loathe casual tops with sleeves, I generally live in tank tops when I want to be casual and now I can't. If I want to go out in the evening I will have to find a dress with sleeves and I only own one. I have had to go shopping to buy a lot of tops to see me through what is hopefully only going to be the next 6-9 months of my life, but who knows actually how long it will take. My main fear is that this will make me ugly, this may make me shallow and spoiled but I refuse to believe that most females would be okay to stop hair removal in this region. It is going to impact upon my social like, my fitness (because I swim to keep fit), my confidence, my university work. I cannot actually think of an area of my life that this will not affect.

It isn't just how the problem makes me feel though it is everything about the situation, how the doctor handled it his responses to my questions about other treatments, the fact that this is my last year of university and therefore everything needs to be perfect.

Madly I leave you with the final thought that the doctor in room 6 of the Hampton House, Student Health in Bristol University is an utter di** who I refuse to see ever again.