Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Abbijo: Religion in the public eye

Pre-warning this is a bit of a rant because a friend of mine really annoyed me tonight...

So I was talking to someone about marriage and I mentioned that I want a traditional wedding and for it to be in church, and their reaction was that they don't believe in weddings or marriage because it is pointless and you don't need to waste the money on a big party for everyone else to get drunk. While I really don't agree with this, I do think that everyone is entitled to their own opinions so I'm not going to try and force my views and opinions on to them.

However after talking about weddings my friend kind of was talking about churches too and I said I wanted my wedding in a church because I'm a Christian and I personally would like my wedding to take place there because I see marriage as a part of my religion. And while he said he understood that, he started talking about what makes a church holy and what make a priest special and more holy than anyone else and basically got really disrespectful about Christianity as a whole. I took it quite personally because I felt like him attacking Christianity was like him attacking me in a way because it is my choice to be a Christian.

I don't appreciate people making fun of my personal beliefs, especially in this area. I would never sit and laugh at someone for being an atheist or another religion, or insinuate that they are stupid for believing certain things because it isn't fair to them and it is so disrespectful.

I don't think this person realises how much offence can be caused by this kind of attitude but people should know that mocking or being derisive to other peoples religious beliefs is moronic.

I find that among everyone I know the people who are worst for being disparaging to others are surprisingly the scientist atheists (disclaimer: obviously not all of them). They are literally some of the most stubborn, pig-headed people I know and can be so rude to you if you have faith in something that cannot be empirically tested. They try and use science to disprove all religions in one fail swoop by saying things like

'Look at evolution, that's not what it says in your Bible.'

To which I reply

'Having studied Early Human Origins, I probably know a damn site more about human evolution than you do! But you know what, that doesn't shake my faith.'

And then they always talk about being a blind follower or a sheep, which is possibly one of the most insulting things you can say to someone. I get so angry about this because it took me a long time to come around to what I believe in today, it wasn't like someone told me what to believe and I accepted it without thought, so to be accused of that, again, feels like they are calling me stupid and no one likes being called stupid.

Certain people also get really annoyed when there is someone in the middle of a city centre preaching whatever religion it may be, saying that they shouldn't be forcing their religion on people and that people have the right to decide whether they are religious or not, and yet these same people are the people that often say things that make you feel uncomfortable to admit to them that you are religious. It is almost as if it has become O.K to openly talk about anti-religious things but is no longer acceptable to talk about being religious.

I wish that everyone could just be respectful to other peoples choices and not try and force their views upon others when they haven't even asked for them.

Monday, 31 March 2014

Abbijo: Back to the Wirral

Everyone knows that last weekend was mothers day but that weekend was also a friend's 21st Birthday. His girlfriend and sister had arranged a surprise party for him and since it was the same weekend as Mothering Sunday I decided to make a trip home from Uni even though I have deadlines this week (Best friend and daughter me!)
My ootd

So I travelled home and basically went straight to the party because my train got in late. I don't know if any of you have ever done a surprise party before and if you have maybe they were more successful but for this one we stood in the dark waiting for about 15 minutes before the birthday boy arrived! and during that time one of our other friends arrived and we very nearly used the party poppers on him!

I got a fit of giggles whilst waiting in the dark and could barely keep quiet after we saw his car arrive (awkward) but after the surprise part of the party everything was really fun and just settled down like a regular party.

The birthday boy with his sister (left) and girlfriend (right)
Collage taken from catinthehammock's Instagram

One of my friends thinks he can do press-ups with me on his back!

I'd go home to see these two any day!

The guy on the far left decided to shave his hair, big drunken mistake!
So when I got back home after the party it was Mothering Sunday and I had already planned to make Afternoon Tea for my mum and my Grandma. I had tried to book somewhere early that week but everywhere was fully booked (eager people on the Wirral), well the personal touch of me making the Afternoon Tea suited my family.

Ham sandwiches, black cracked pepper crisps, cherry scones with clotted cream and cherry jam, long jam doughnuts and chocolate custards
Hope you all had a good weekend

Friday, 28 February 2014

Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Abbijo: G Body Art - review

On Monday I had a couple of things to do in London and one of them was going to a beauty exhibition in the Excel Centre. I bought a couple of things and sampled a couple of things too, one of the things I sampled was a a small body art piece from G (The Body Art Professional) The queues for this sample were massive and to be fair it did look beautiful so I queued with everyone else to get a body art tattoo. The small ones were being given for free so I got a rose on my inner arm, they said if you got it on your hand it would not last very long, obviously because you wash your hands regularly and are a lot more active with them than you are with other parts of your body.

The process was super quick because they use a stencil that looks like this...

They put their glue over the stencil and then semi dry so it looks like this...

When they had added the glitter colours of my choice (they have so many!) it looked beautiful and I was really happy with it...

It is dry and ready to be touched or rubbed as soon as the glitter goes on! I rubbed it to see if the glitter would transfer and it didn't budge even a little so I was pretty impressed. When I woke up in the morning on Tuesday it was still in perfect condition also so I was super impressed still. 

But that is when it all went wrong. 

They advertise as being waterproof and perfect for holidays and time in a pool, with a shower being no problem. Well I don't know what product I use in the shower that seemed to shift it but after my shower in the morning it looked like this...

Now that means it didn't even last 24 hours, let alone the up to 7 days that they promise. now I know up to does not mean it will always last that long but one would assume that it would last over 24 hours, right?

I received one of their basic pricing sheets when I got the treatment done and it recommends that you sell the Basic Stencil (small ones) at a price of £7-£10, to me this seems like quite a lot, especially if it can come off and look ugly within 24 hours, I now have random black glitter specks on my arm which look strange and I don't want to rub them too hard to get rid of them. 
Also that stands to make you a profit of £5.99-£8.99 per Basic stencil that you sell, quite a big profit margin, so I guess good for the salons that purchase these.

But even though it did not last long at all, I am really tempted to buy some of the glitter and stencils because I thought it was super pretty while it lasted and maybe if I was more careful with it in the shower it would last longer.

If you are looking at having G body art done then just be aware of the possibility that it may not last as long as you hope for.


Saturday, 22 February 2014

Abbijo: K-BBQ

 I went to have Korean BBQ last week and it was the first time I'd ever eaten it! It was super yummy and I definitely recommend everyone trying it once.

Makeup for the night

Starter- Kimchijeon (kimchi pancakes) and Yangneom Chicken

Marinated Beef Bulgogi, Samgyeopsal and Gochujang Samgyeopsal

The Beef Bulgogi was so nice, we actually had two portions of this!

I think this was the Broccoli and Squid salad (we also had a mashed potato salad and some form of onion sauce)

And in the end we ate everything!

Friday, 7 February 2014

Abbijo: Facebook Movie

Though I'd share my Facebook Movie with you. It brings back so many memories and really put a smile on my face, so here's the link:


Tuesday, 28 January 2014

Abbijo: Sarah Jessica Parker not Carrie Bradshaw

You may or may not be aware that Sarah Jessica Parker has finally released the full contents of her début shoe collection. I thought I would share a few of my favourites from the collection and my thoughts about it.

So I am not particularly enamoured with the collection as a whole, which you can view on the Vogue website, but as a début collection I guess it cannot have shoes that are really artistic and for the fashion forward type of people; yet being SJP I think that is what I expected of the collection I usually think she is immaculately dressed and this comes out in her shoes as well. So I guess I was expecting some truly fabulous and slightly architectural designs whereas instead there are some classic designs such as a staple pair of black Mary Janes and a safe nude or black court shoe.

This isn't to say I don't like the collection, it's just really not what I had anticipated coming from her, there are indeed some beautiful shoes that she has produced and I am sure it the collection will be a sell out (helped by the SJP label).

These are my favourites from the collection but there are over 40 pairs and I could only pick out these 5 as ones that I really liked. I guess the moral of the story is that Sarah Jessica Parker is not Carrie Bradshaw and not to get the two confused. 

It is exciting to see what SJP will do next and I hope her shoe collection is loved by others but most importantly that she is happy with it.

Abbijo: Take off my Heels?

The latest episode of 2 Broke Girls has this amazing quote in it which is so funny and kind of represents me...

I think one of my favourite quotes from T.V now!

Friday, 24 January 2014

Abbijo: A Birthday Wish

Well with all my coursework and exams over I can finally just chill with my friends. Last night was one of my closest friends 21st birthday so we went out to Za Za Bazaar for dinner with a bunch of people. Unfortunately I didn't actually take any pictures myself so I stole a few from Facebook that were put up and therefore cannot blame me for them being blurry right? Haha

Some of the group of us while M blows out his candles

M in the background making the rounds to say hi to people as about 45 people came in the end

I just wanted to wish my little (older than me) brother a massive happy birthday, he is always there whenever I need to talk and that is seriously one of the best things about him. Also whenever I am stressed or nervous or worried or upset etc... he knows how to make me laugh and I love him for it!

So hugs and kisses from me on your massive 21st birthday xxxx

Wednesday, 22 January 2014

Abbijo: De-stressing

So after an exam and before you start work again, you really need to relax and calm down...right? And then if the same day you had an exam decides to be even more of a bitch to you and you happen to see three ex boyfriends/flings while you're wearing sweatpants, UGGs and a hoodie, without a scrap of make-up and hair pushed into a messy bun on top of your head, the only redeeming feature being that you aren't in the middle of a breakout, you REALLY need something to relax you.

Well unfortunately for me this happened to me yesterday. So when I eventually got back home I headed straight for my bathroom and started to run a bath. This couldn't just be a normal bath though, I needed to bring out the 'big guns'as it were.

Obviously scented candles are a necessity, rose scented from Bulgaria, and some form of food that will cheer you up, for me grapes are so delicious that they are always helpful. Alcohol is a way to cope but in this situation I needed it. This is a concoctions I decided to try once and loved it so much! Basically it is Elderflower Cordial  and water with Peach Schnapps added to it. Sounds quite strange but tastes absolutely delicious. 
And of course a bit of mental relaxation with a good book. Agatha Christie is my all time favourite author and recently I have been re-reading a few of her books because if I already know what happens it won't distract me from work and so is nice to read in a break or something. 
Of course a bubble bath is also kind of important for me to relax in, it just makes the whole scenario seem so much more luxurious. And if this is not enough I add music or a film I know well to play in the background.

Result: Relaxation achieved

Monday, 20 January 2014

Abbijo: Revision necessities

So it's that time of year again where people have their university January exams and while many have finished by now I actually have one tomorrow. I am not looking forward to it at all but it has to be done.

I'm taking a break from revision (procrastinating) because I really hate doing work and have basically zero motivation for this unit. So I thought I would share what goes in my bag when I go to the library.

Probably the first thing you notice is my laptop screen shining out at you, well duh who doesn't take a laptop to work with? 
I always carry two notebooks, not because I think I am going to be so efficient that I'm going to fill them both up with lots of insightful knowledge (if only). One of them is the notebook that has my lecture notes in it and the other is where I make all my revision notes. Why take a laptop then if you aren't going to work on it? Simply because it has the internet and thus if I am confused I just open my laptop and it's simple to find the answer, easier than looking for a book in the library anyway. Plus my iPod died today so it is charging at home and I can listen to music through my laptop.
That brings me nicely to my headphones, I find big chunky headphones make revision so much easier than in ears because they cancel out the rest of the noise.
Colourful felt tips so that your work isn't too boring, a pen to write with (obviously) and a highlighter, just so you know those really important bits will stand out.
Glasses if you need them, or even if you don't they make you look smart even if you don't feel it. 
Vaseline, because nobody has time for dry hurting cracked lips when they are working.
And last but by no means least a bottle of water. Got to stay hydrated while you work! 

Monday, 6 January 2014

Abbijo: Tradition

Christmas time is full of tradition, it is perhaps one of the only universal words to describe Christmas. There are international traditions and national traditions and of course familial traditions. To each individual person Christmas means a different thing. And I believe that it is the same situation for other religious celebrations.

This time of year I always know what I am going to expect to do for a roughly two week period and this is something I look forward to every year. It is oriented around my family and friends and Church and we repeat the same thing every year but adapt it to suit any changes in our lives.

I visited my Grandma's house recently and was in the kitchen when I saw her fridge, it was this that made me want to write about tradition. Every time my sister, mother or I go on holiday we bring back a magnet of the place we visited and she puts it on her fridge. There are so many on there now and if I remember correctly it was my sister that started the tradition of giving her a magnet.

This is what her fridge looks like now...

We have been doing this for about 10 years, so this is my family's travel history for the past 10 years. I think it is so interesting looking back over this and remembering the journeys that we took together, or I took on my own where we bought these magnets.

So my other top family traditions would be going to Llandudno and staying in the same hotel every summer. Llandudno is a small town on the north coast of Wales, it's super cute and has an amazing pier with really fun activities on it. We used to go for a week but in recent years have cut it down to a long weekend. Since my sister moved to London and got a proper job, she doesn't have enough holiday time to spend a whole week there any more.
Also in my family on my sister's birthday I get a present off my mum and grandma and on my birthday my sister gets presents off them too. This is so that we didn't feel left out when we were younger. I think this was a good idea when we were younger as it meant that we were much more acceptant of each other's massive amounts of presents. I think I will probably continue this tradition if I ever have more than one child.

What family traditions do you guys have?


Wednesday, 1 January 2014

Abbijo: Happy New Year

Just a quick message to say Happy New Year and to show you my make-up look for the night... so enjoy...

Hope you all had a great night and that the first day of 2014 is going well and setting up a beautiful year ahead.