Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Abbijo: G Body Art - review

On Monday I had a couple of things to do in London and one of them was going to a beauty exhibition in the Excel Centre. I bought a couple of things and sampled a couple of things too, one of the things I sampled was a a small body art piece from G (The Body Art Professional) The queues for this sample were massive and to be fair it did look beautiful so I queued with everyone else to get a body art tattoo. The small ones were being given for free so I got a rose on my inner arm, they said if you got it on your hand it would not last very long, obviously because you wash your hands regularly and are a lot more active with them than you are with other parts of your body.

The process was super quick because they use a stencil that looks like this...

They put their glue over the stencil and then semi dry so it looks like this...

When they had added the glitter colours of my choice (they have so many!) it looked beautiful and I was really happy with it...

It is dry and ready to be touched or rubbed as soon as the glitter goes on! I rubbed it to see if the glitter would transfer and it didn't budge even a little so I was pretty impressed. When I woke up in the morning on Tuesday it was still in perfect condition also so I was super impressed still. 

But that is when it all went wrong. 

They advertise as being waterproof and perfect for holidays and time in a pool, with a shower being no problem. Well I don't know what product I use in the shower that seemed to shift it but after my shower in the morning it looked like this...

Now that means it didn't even last 24 hours, let alone the up to 7 days that they promise. now I know up to does not mean it will always last that long but one would assume that it would last over 24 hours, right?

I received one of their basic pricing sheets when I got the treatment done and it recommends that you sell the Basic Stencil (small ones) at a price of £7-£10, to me this seems like quite a lot, especially if it can come off and look ugly within 24 hours, I now have random black glitter specks on my arm which look strange and I don't want to rub them too hard to get rid of them. 
Also that stands to make you a profit of £5.99-£8.99 per Basic stencil that you sell, quite a big profit margin, so I guess good for the salons that purchase these.

But even though it did not last long at all, I am really tempted to buy some of the glitter and stencils because I thought it was super pretty while it lasted and maybe if I was more careful with it in the shower it would last longer.

If you are looking at having G body art done then just be aware of the possibility that it may not last as long as you hope for.


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