Monday, 31 March 2014

Abbijo: Back to the Wirral

Everyone knows that last weekend was mothers day but that weekend was also a friend's 21st Birthday. His girlfriend and sister had arranged a surprise party for him and since it was the same weekend as Mothering Sunday I decided to make a trip home from Uni even though I have deadlines this week (Best friend and daughter me!)
My ootd

So I travelled home and basically went straight to the party because my train got in late. I don't know if any of you have ever done a surprise party before and if you have maybe they were more successful but for this one we stood in the dark waiting for about 15 minutes before the birthday boy arrived! and during that time one of our other friends arrived and we very nearly used the party poppers on him!

I got a fit of giggles whilst waiting in the dark and could barely keep quiet after we saw his car arrive (awkward) but after the surprise part of the party everything was really fun and just settled down like a regular party.

The birthday boy with his sister (left) and girlfriend (right)
Collage taken from catinthehammock's Instagram

One of my friends thinks he can do press-ups with me on his back!

I'd go home to see these two any day!

The guy on the far left decided to shave his hair, big drunken mistake!
So when I got back home after the party it was Mothering Sunday and I had already planned to make Afternoon Tea for my mum and my Grandma. I had tried to book somewhere early that week but everywhere was fully booked (eager people on the Wirral), well the personal touch of me making the Afternoon Tea suited my family.

Ham sandwiches, black cracked pepper crisps, cherry scones with clotted cream and cherry jam, long jam doughnuts and chocolate custards
Hope you all had a good weekend

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