Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Abbijo: Religion in the public eye

Pre-warning this is a bit of a rant because a friend of mine really annoyed me tonight...

So I was talking to someone about marriage and I mentioned that I want a traditional wedding and for it to be in church, and their reaction was that they don't believe in weddings or marriage because it is pointless and you don't need to waste the money on a big party for everyone else to get drunk. While I really don't agree with this, I do think that everyone is entitled to their own opinions so I'm not going to try and force my views and opinions on to them.

However after talking about weddings my friend kind of was talking about churches too and I said I wanted my wedding in a church because I'm a Christian and I personally would like my wedding to take place there because I see marriage as a part of my religion. And while he said he understood that, he started talking about what makes a church holy and what make a priest special and more holy than anyone else and basically got really disrespectful about Christianity as a whole. I took it quite personally because I felt like him attacking Christianity was like him attacking me in a way because it is my choice to be a Christian.

I don't appreciate people making fun of my personal beliefs, especially in this area. I would never sit and laugh at someone for being an atheist or another religion, or insinuate that they are stupid for believing certain things because it isn't fair to them and it is so disrespectful.

I don't think this person realises how much offence can be caused by this kind of attitude but people should know that mocking or being derisive to other peoples religious beliefs is moronic.

I find that among everyone I know the people who are worst for being disparaging to others are surprisingly the scientist atheists (disclaimer: obviously not all of them). They are literally some of the most stubborn, pig-headed people I know and can be so rude to you if you have faith in something that cannot be empirically tested. They try and use science to disprove all religions in one fail swoop by saying things like

'Look at evolution, that's not what it says in your Bible.'

To which I reply

'Having studied Early Human Origins, I probably know a damn site more about human evolution than you do! But you know what, that doesn't shake my faith.'

And then they always talk about being a blind follower or a sheep, which is possibly one of the most insulting things you can say to someone. I get so angry about this because it took me a long time to come around to what I believe in today, it wasn't like someone told me what to believe and I accepted it without thought, so to be accused of that, again, feels like they are calling me stupid and no one likes being called stupid.

Certain people also get really annoyed when there is someone in the middle of a city centre preaching whatever religion it may be, saying that they shouldn't be forcing their religion on people and that people have the right to decide whether they are religious or not, and yet these same people are the people that often say things that make you feel uncomfortable to admit to them that you are religious. It is almost as if it has become O.K to openly talk about anti-religious things but is no longer acceptable to talk about being religious.

I wish that everyone could just be respectful to other peoples choices and not try and force their views upon others when they haven't even asked for them.